Central Oregon Coast Road Trip


Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. 

~~ Rene-Francois- Ghislain Magritte

To me, intentional blur abstracts evoke mystery and intrigue. This image below is my favorite take of the trip.  Common Murre colonies are amazing and downright surreal.  Using intentional blur I have attempted to capture a bit of the mystery and feeling of intrigue. 

Common Murre Colony, Intentional Blur Abstract, Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon.

Last week Steve and I escaped for a week in our new fancy trailer and had a great time exploring the Central Oregon Coast. I was pleased to be able to spend a bit more time in this very rich environment in order to further round out my Oregon Coast portfolio. During this road trip I took images of scenes that I have previously visited or passed by quickly many times.  It was great to finally stop and take some time to create personal renditions of some local favorites and, of course, chase the birds a bit. Weather on the coast is always an issue and we did get our share of rain and overcast conditions.  Not to be deterred, per protocol, we hung around in parking lots waiting for breaks and making a run for the location during the clearings.  Photographers in Oregon will tell you, “2017 has been a wet one!”

Soon I will be working on my half year point blog to let you in on the ups and downs of my photographic year thus far!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this sneak peak into my last adventure and share it if you like it!  I sure had fun taking ’em!


Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock,  Oregon. I spent quite a bit of time in this gorgeous, rich and spooky  cavern.  It was very difficult terrain to navigate because the rocks are immesly slippery! But it was a challenging and  fascinating shoot. Bracket, bracket, bracket!




Seal Rock State Park, Newport, Oregon.



A seal and her pup climbed up a top this rock as I had my 700 mm of lens on a Harlequin duck.  The pup started to nurse and needless to say my lens moved from the bird to the intimate mother child nature scene.  What an unexpected thrill and honor to witness. Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock, Oregon.



Sunset at Seal Rock State Park, Newport, Oregon.



Wave action at Seal Rock State Park, Newport, Oregon.



Eelegrass, Seal Rock State Park, Newport, Oregon.



Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock, Oregon.



White-crowned sparrow, Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site, Newport, Oregon


Low key rendition of preening Oyster Catcher, Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock, Oregon.  



Gull preening at Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock, Oregon.  Must be preening season…all of my birds were preening this week.  Lol.



Juvenile gull and Adult gulls in the background. Newport, Oregon.



Bird on a wire. There’s that White-crowned sparrow again. Hey, there are worse perches! The background of wildflowers was irresistable!



Siletz Bay, Lincoln City.



Central Oregon Coast. Such a beautiful stretch of the sand. Tiny light from Yaquina Head Lighthouse in the distant. 



Drenched again! This is what happens when you go after birds. Another beautiful day exploring the beach. Devils Punchbowl State Park, Otter Rock, Oregon.


Many thanks for looking and I hope that everyone will be able to get out and “explore and adore the wild” a bit this summer!  ~ Susan



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  1. deigh bates June 20, 2017 at 11:34 am #

    Love it Susan – you did a great job of capturing the Seal Rock area one of my favorite places to shoot and one of the sunset there was perfect. I like the motion in the beach runout and the mid-day clouds in that area as well. Thanks for sharing these with us all.

  2. Susan Dimock June 21, 2017 at 8:06 am #

    Hi Deigh! Thanks a bunch. I really enjoy that area as well. We struggled with the the weather but always try to make the most of it! I love the Seal Rock State Park. There are so many smaller rocks, seaweed and such in the foreground to play with. I hope to go back soon. I hope you’re out shooting a lot! You’re comment is much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Elaine Kopetski June 21, 2017 at 12:32 pm #

    Enjoyed the pictures. They were so real. Thank you for the photo adventure

    • Susan Dimock June 25, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

      You’re so welcome, Elain! Thank YOU for taking the time to look!

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