“Circles in the Sand”, Labyrinths in Bandon, Oregon

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“The Sand Man” is what I like to call Denny Dyke.  Now, this is an interesting man with an interesting story to tell.  I am a sucker for tales about making dreams come true and that is what Denny is doing….making a dream come true for himself.  That’s why I  refer to him as the “Sand Man”.  Dreams occur as we sleep don’t they?.  Except Denny is doing anything but sleep.  He gets up at the crack of dawn to create his disappearing art.  He shares it for a day and then it is gone.  It slips away into the sea as the tide comes in and jealously steals it away.

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But the fact that his art is so temporary does not phase Denny.  For him, this is a mindful  practice.  “I may not even know you are there on the beach with me because I’m meditating while I’m creating”.  The spirit with which Denny’s art is created shines through.  It is nothing short of magical and often mystical in nature.

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What intrigues me the most though, is witnessing a person in the process of creating a new career later in life that brings them joy.  I love  this type of human story, don’t you?  It’s happening all around us…people taking on second careers later in life based on a passion. It’s often a creative desire that has been simmering away on the back burner of a person’s life for years.   Some embark on these journeys out of necessity due to hard times created by the recession.  Others simply have the desire to add depth and meaning to their second chapter.  And often it’s a bit of both.

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Denny had creative aspirations and found the inspiration to channel his talent in a fashion that benefits not only himself but many other folks as well.  Indeed, when Denny is on our home town beach of Bandon, working his magic, the whole town benefits.  It becomes an event enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.  A feeling of community develops as Denny engages folks into the process of tending the circles.  Others pick up a stone and enter the sacred space for a gentle, meditative walk.  You can’t help but leave the scene with a sense of awe and wonder…beautiful art on a beautiful beach….what could be more divine?


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Thank you, Denny.   Not only for the artful experience and joy that you bring to our town but also for the way that you inspire.  Dreams do come true!!!  ~ Susan

To see more or experience “Circles in the Sand” yourself check out the schedule on Denny’s official website or follow him on Facebook.


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  1. Robin Parsons September 30, 2016 at 3:03 am #

    Beautifully stated. Thanks for the photos and conversation at sunset.

    • Susan Dimock October 2, 2016 at 1:25 pm #

      Hi Robin, and thank you for reading my blog and being such a fan of Bandon!

  2. Marcy Stovall August 16, 2017 at 5:25 pm #

    Love what he does and everyone that helps!

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