Step Into My World! Bandon Workshops

Step Into My World “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” — Rumi Who knew I would be doing this work…..and loving […]

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Last Week’s Shoot in Bandon

  Assisting with Denise Ippolito’s group these last two years has been such a blast! I love working with her and with groups of photography enthusiasts!  This beach is my stomping ground and showing it off […]

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A Valentine to Nature

I was reading an article recently about poet, David Whyte. Within this article was one of his poems that I found particularly moving. I am not a poet but a good poem can really inspire […]

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Finally! Hummingbirds, Cloud Forest! Ecuador: Part III

  Quick as a hummingbird…she darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly dipping into the flowers of my heart. ~ James Oppenheim ….And these little birds did dip sweetly into my heart!!! Last December my husband, Steve and […]

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Wildlife Faves Galapagos, Journey to Ecuador: Part II

Evolve…..or become extinct!  ~  Charles Darwin.  Another popular Darwin quote on the Islands!  My husband, Steve and I took a snorkeling tour to a beautiful, secluded, white sand beach and everyone really enjoyed being in […]

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Galapagos, Journey to Ecuador: Part I

It felt a bit like going home.  Our one month journey to Ecuador was reminiscent of my days living overseas as a youth and young woman. Between the ages of 12 and 27 I lived […]

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Tourism Gig!

  It has been such a busy summer for Steve’s and my motel here in Bandon and for our photography business as well.  One project that kept us busy was a tourism gig that required […]

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Central Oregon Coast Trip

  There is always a way and always hope in the next sunrise, and in the next second, and in the next minute. ~ Ziggy Marle       Steve and I spent three nights […]

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Embrace the Fog! Bandon Workshop

~ Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Persistence and determination are omnipotent.  ~ Calvin Coolidge What do you do when a bunch of folks pay money to come to Bandon to […]

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Central Oregon Coast Road Trip

  Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.  ~~ Rene-Francois- Ghislain Magritte To me, intentional blur abstracts evoke mystery and intrigue. This image below is my favorite take of the trip. […]

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