A Nature Photographer’s Second Dream

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined.”    ~Thoreau



A Second Dream

I believe that nature has the capacity to instill hope within the human spirit.  I have experienced this in my own life and witnessed it in the lives of countless others during 30 years as a social worker.  Having a private practice and helping others was a fulfilled dream of mine.  Five years ago I made a decision to retire from that career and focus on a second dream – nature photography.

 My husband, Steve is also a photographer and we often work in partnership on commercial projects. Our images have been used extensively by the Oregon Coast Aquarium where we were the official photographers for two years.  Recent and present commercial work includes contracts with Oregon Coast Visitors Association and South Coast Development Council. Our job is to capture the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast and to showcase visitors enjoying the area’s resources.  Via these collaborations our images are beginning to be seen extensively throughout the coastal marketing sphere. This commercial work is expanding our imagination and giving us opportunity to explore the state that we love. These are phenomenal organizations committed to quality commercial development.

Most recently I have been working in contract with labyrinth sand artist, Denny Dyke shooting his elaborate, experiential events on Bandon Beach. I am grateful for this collaboration and I feel  fortunate to be a part of the soulful Circles in the Sand team as their official photographer. 

 Another on-going personal project of mine is the development of an in depth portfolio of the Oregon Coast with particular focus on the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge System. My hope is that this will result in a coffee table book showcasing the beauty and ecological importance of this refuge system. 

I aspire to utilize my images in conservation efforts related to preserving wildlife and our natural environment.  If my photographs contribute in any small manner towards increased awareness in this realm I am sincerely gratified.

Lastly, I offer individual and small group photography lessons in my local area.  This has been a fun new addition to my photography business!

 My work can be found at two Bandon locations, the Second Street Gallery in Bandon and in our motel office at Lakris Inn. Additionally, you can find me on Facebook at SusanDimockPhotography and on my website at www.susandimock.com

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Awards and Accomplishments:

 I am available for special projects and individual lessons.   If you would like to schedule a slide show and talk for your camera club or special event please contact me via email.